Opinion: Is it right to criticise Virat Kohli for the loss against Pakistan?

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  1. Sumit Ahuja says:

    We are not criticising ….No Doubt he is one of the best player in the world…
    But if we talk about the captioncy … Captioncy is not a every one cup of tea…
    So we want a caption who can be calm in pressure sitution …
    I think Rohit Sharma will be a good option in future…
    But till 2019 world cup virat will be the caption …
    Thanxxxx 😇😇😇😇

  2. Saksham Chugh says:

    Yeah! People should give him some time he is not too experienced.

  3. I think India should have opted for the batting first. And, few fast ballers should be there in the team. In this way, we could have won the match. However, I feel now Indian cricket team should learn from their mistakes and step forward with a good attitude.

  4. Saksham Chugh says:

    Yeah! people have to give some time to him.

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