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    For the first time ever, live your own story on and off the ground as the country’s next rising star.
    Get a chance to create your own destiny and build a career which can be compared with the best of the best.

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Connect with Fans

Connect with thousands of sports fanatics under one roof. Take a step forward to show off your knowledge and turn your every reaction into an action. With SportsUnity you can connect with the real sports fans and engage in a battle like never before. Interact with thousands of sports lovers through:

  • Interactive quizzes
  • Debates on every sporting news around the world
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Everything you need to become a STAR

Choose Tournaments

Play for fun or money. Choose between different tournaments or just play one-on-one to emerge a champion.

Play Match

Test your knowledge with style against a real opponent on a cricket super-over style quiz match. Bat, Bowl, Win, Repeat!

  • Journey
  • Awards
  • One to One & Group Chat
  • Leaderboard
Rise in Leaderboard

Become the source of envy within a group of crickets fans and your friends friends as you fight your way to the top of the leaderboard. A cash reward to further sweeten your success!

Cash Out your Earnings

Accumulate your riches by winning tournaments and transfer them to your wallet or bank account when you need that extra cash.

  • Choose Tournaments
  • Play Match
  • Rise in Leaderboard
  • Cash Out your Earnings
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